3 Ways Software Helps with Denial Management in Healthcare

by | May 29, 2019 | Healthcare

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Although you are providing a service to the surrounding community by operating a medical practice, you are also a business that needs to maintain a steady stream of income and revenue in order to remain open. One of the ways a medical facility maintains that revenue stream is through insurance claims. Studies show that when claims are denied, up to 90% of claims are denied unnecessarily. This causes you to work twice as hard because the denial culprit is often human error. So, your staff must go in and fix the mistakes. Denial management in healthcare is one solution software offers.

Here are three reasons why software helps with healthcare denial management.

Identify Trends

To remain open to the community, any medical facility must be able to pay its bills because all the facility’s partners are in the same boat. They also must pay their bills. So, if a medical center cannot pay its electricity bill, it will get shut off. Since most patients are paying their medical expenses through their insurance provider, the insurance provider must be billed correctly, every time, without fail. If a large number of claims are being denied, software can be run to compile data. Then, it can produce reports. Those reports help you identify trends and the root cause of problems.


Once the root causes of denials have been identified, you can set up improved workflows that increase efficiency while lowering billing code errors. With the sweeping changes mandated of this industry, workflows must be altered to keep you and remain in compliance.


Denial management in healthcare software offers support. As your staff becomes familiar with the program and features, a learning curve for each is to be expected. Education is provided to answer questions.

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