4 Examples of Legal Assistance on the Arrival of a Baby

Having a baby can be an amazing and wonderful experience, but sometimes there are legal matters that must be addressed. Sometimes people need a law firm that handles Family Law in Brainerd MN for issues such as adoption, paternity, child support and voluntary termination of parental rights.


When an individual or a couple adopts a baby with the help of an agency, that agency typically manages the legal aspects with its own attorneys or a law firm it contracts with. During private adoptions, the biological and adoptive parents must hire their own lawyer. They may decide to work with one lawyer or to each be represented by a different firm. Setting up the adoption legally in court is essential for protecting everyone involved.


A firm that handles Family Law in Brainerd MN also can represent clients dealing with paternity issues. A man who had a casual sexual relationship with a woman, for example, may never have realized he is the father of a child until after the baby is born. After DNA testing verifies that he is indeed the father, he now has decisions to make. He and the mother of the baby need legal representation no matter how they decide to handle this situation.

Child Support

After establishing paternity, it is not likely that the couple will suddenly decide to marry. If the father doesn’t want to give up his parental rights, he will be required to pay child support as mandated by state law. He may want to establish a visitation schedule with the youngster. This can be a complex situation if he and the mother do not have any type of relationship, and he needs the assistance of a Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm to make sure his rights are represented. If the mother tries to disrupt the visitation schedule or undermine his relationship with his child, his lawyer can help.

Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

The father of this baby may decide to voluntary terminate his parental rights if the mother is willing to do without child support. Perhaps she is planning to marry another man who wants to adopt the baby. A law firm such as Borden, Steinbauer, Krueger & Knudson can represent either of these parties and draw up the appropriate legal documents for court.

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