4 Fun and Fancy Table Napkin Folds to Complete Your Christmas Table Setup

Christmas is a special time of the year for entertaining friends and family. A beautifully decorated holiday table is sure to set the tone for the meal. Adding fun napkin folds to decorate each place setting is easy if you incorporate pearl napkin rings for easy folding.

Holiday Bows

A bow fold looks very elegant, but it is surprisingly easy to accomplish with pearl napkin rings used to create the center of the bow. Red or green napkins in a medium to rigid type of fabric will work best.

Fold the napkin into a triangle, then fold the top corner down about a third of the way. Next, fold the flat edge up to overlap, and fold each end up again. Crisscross the ends to form a ribbon shape, then slide the pearl napkin ring over one end to position it in the center and pinch it in place. Pull out the two sides of the bow and shape.

Elf Folds

Creating elf hats or elf shoes includes a bit more folding, but these are cute and fun. Green or red polyester napkins are best for this as they hold their shape. Use small sprigs of holly or even small bells to add to the festive spirit.

Christmas Trees

Flat napkin folds are a modern look. Creating a Christmas tree shape to place in the center of the plate requires a few steps, but it is well worth the effort. These napkin folds are ideal for both formal dinners and casual lunches or dinners throughout the holiday season.

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