4 Reasons to Rely on a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The workers’ compensation program was put into place to provide medical benefits and income to workers suffering on-the-job injuries. As much as most would like to handle their own claims, it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to minimize payouts, which means you likely won’t get what you deserve without the help of a workers compensation attorney in Joliet. There are several reasons to seek legal representation, as listed below.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

When you try to deal with the insurer directly, you may not know your rights. The adjuster might dispute the validity of your claim as well. When you have an attorney’s help, they will prevent the insurer from engaging in unfair tactics.

Evaluating Your Case

It’s tough to know just how much a workers’ compensation claim is worth. Every case is different, and relying on past outcomes to determine a claim’s value does no good. With their knowledge, workers’ compensation lawyers can determine what a case is worth and provide recommendations during the settlement phase.

Ensuring a Fair Settlement

In a workers’ compensation claim, weekly wages are an important variable, as they determine the amount you receive each week. If the insurer under-evaluates your average weekly pay, you may lose money. Having a workers compensation attorney in Joliet ensures that you’re getting everything you deserve while you’re out of work.

Finding Third-Party Liability

If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to file a civil claim along with your worker’s comp case. While you won’t have to choose, you’ll need the help of a lawyer who can find potentially liable third parties.

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If you were hurt on the job and don’t want to file your own claim, contact a workers compensation attorney near Joliet for help. Our attorneys have been representing injured workers for years, and we’re ready to help you get the benefits you deserve. Visit us to learn more or call the firm of Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, PC to request an appointment.

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