4 Reasons to Take the Ferry from Downtown Vancouver To Victoria

Life rarely flows in a straight line. It takes little twists and turns. Sometimes, it is best to get away from it all. If you live in Vancouver BC, you could take time off and head to the mountains. Alternatively, you could escape for a while by taking the ferry from downtown Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Here are 5 reasons to take this trip.

Reason # 1: The Ferry Ride

Taking the BC ferry or a private ferry can be liberating for you in so many ways. Simply stepping on board a ferry, is a symbolic way to free yourself from your land-based shackles. A ferry ride allows you to take a step back from your everyday life. You can breathe in the fresh sea air and, with every breath feel yourself relax – the tension flowing out and blown away in the breeze.

Ferry rides also offer spectacular views of the BC coast and Vancouver Island. You can also catch a glimpse of diverse forms of ocean life including dolphins, whales, and sea lions. Fish may leap into the air as your ferry cuts smoothly through the waves. Have your camera or phone at the ready.

Reason #2: The Arrival

Taking the ferry from downtown Vancouver to Victoria allows you to relax and enjoy the moment. Coming into port at Victoria provides you with the chance to reconnect with the land in a different way. This is Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. The harbor teems with life. Vendors and other individuals await the chance to capture your attention. They may have exactly what you need to recapture the excitement of visiting Victoria.

Reason #3: The City Sights

Victoria is alive with diversions and cultural sites. The standard menu includes:

The Parliament Buildings (1893)
Butchart Gardens
Craigdarroch Castle

Wander this walkable city.

Reason #4: Things to Do in Victoria

Victoria is old world in many ways. It encourages you to take high tea at the old Empress Hotel (1908). Enjoy brunch at any of the cafes or restaurants. Above all, relax and breathe.

Ride the Ferry from Downtown Vancouver to Victoria

Taking the ferry from downtown Vancouver to Victoria helps you dial down your life. You can enjoy the ride away from normality. You can embrace Victoria and all it has to offer. The pace of life is slower and more relaxing in Victoria so enjoy it to the hilt.

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