4 Reasons Your Child Should Be Taking Guitar Lessons

As your kids grow up, child development experts agree that you should provide them with a number of extracurricular opportunities and with the means to try out a number of hobbies—dance, sports, and music lessons are only a few things you may have considered for your child.

Learning to play an instrument, however, has been shown to benefit children in various areas—for a few of the most convincing reasons that guitar lessons may be a great opportunity in Happy Valley to assist your one’s development, read below.

1. Multiple scientific studies have actually demonstrated the ability of music lessons to increase a child’s IQ by a small but significant amount, according to Forbes. More specifically, musical training exercises neurological pathways in the brain shared by mathematics and spatial intelligence.

2. Learning to play an instrument like the guitar can help your child to develop physical skills, improve dexterity, and increase hand-eye coordination. Since successfully playing the guitar requires different movements from the right and left hand in addition to movements of the feet, taking gutiar lessons in the Happy Valley area might be particularly beneficial for energetic children.

3. Interacting with an instructor and music school peers allows children additional opportunities for social development. Exposing your child to various settings and types of people is one of the best ways to ensure well-rounded development. Just as children can learn to differentiate tone in music, they can become more attuned to a conversational tone.

4. Learning guitar or another instrument can do wonders to increase a child’s confidence and self-esteem! Experiencing challenges which lead to eventual rewards and milestones is an experience which cannot be underestimated. Learning to work humbly after constructive criticism is an incredibly valuable tool for your child to learn.

Finally, playing the guitar is just plain fun! While the benefits that adults can reap from taking music lessons later in life may be different, they are no less valuable—once your child begins playing, you may want to inquire about registering for some guitar lessons of your own!

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