4 Ways To Preemptively Protect Your Eyesight in Greeley CO

Many of us take the wonderful gift of sight for granted. We don’t realize that if we don’t care for our sight, it can deteriorate. When this happens, sunsets just won’t look the same. Here are 4 ways to preemptively protect your eyesight in Greeley, CO.

1. Be Mindful of Screen Time

Many of us look at computer screen for 8 hours a day. There are also phone screens and television screens to worry about. Mom might have been right when she said that staring at the screen all day would be bad for the eyes.

2. Eat Well

The things you eat affect every part of your sight, including your vision. Eat foods with plenty of vitamins and other nutrients. This will help you maintain a healthy weight as well, reducing the chance of Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Avoid UV Rays

You wear glasses when it’s sunny to keep the sun out of your eyes not only cause it makes it difficult to see but also because the sun can hurt the eyes.

4. Wear Protective Goggles When Necessary

When an accident happens, it can drastically affect your vision. Always wear protective goggles when recommended.

5. Get Yearly Eye Exams

It’s important to go to optometry services in Greeley, CO, at least once a year to get your vision tested. This is especially important if you are already have less than perfect vision.

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