5 Basement Remodeling Ideas to Make the Space More Usable

Looking at the wide open space can make a Cumming basement remodeling project seem intimidating, but there are some simple ways to make the space more functional and usable. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Use Dividers for Wide Open Space

There are many ways to divide up the space in your basement. A Cumming basement remodeling project might mean building half or full walls if it doesn’t block too much light. You may want to use shelving to divide areas or paint various areas in different colors.

Adding a Bathroom

Something as simple as adding a bathroom makes the area more versatile and usable. It’s especially beneficial for the space if it’s used as a playroom, a guest room or for entertaining.

Close Up Spaces for Storage

Your storage area is useful and you want to keep it intact. You might preserve the area by creating a wall and a door. This keeps the clutter out of sight and makes the whole area more appealing and comfortable. You may include building storage shelves as part of the Cumming basement remodeling project too.

Add Light

Whether it’s natural light or light fixtures, adding proper lighting to a basement can make a huge difference. If windows don’t allow for much light, replace them or add some smart lighting features to open up the room and make it less dark.

An Open Staircase

If your basement has a door at the top of the stairs, you may want to remove it. This allows more light into the area.

Ready to implement one or more of these ideas? Got some ideas of your own? Contact R & S Basements to get started on your Cumming basement remodeling project.

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