5 Things to Remember Before Your Dog’s Grooming Session

Grooming contributes to better physical health and appearance for your pet. Before you bring your pooch over to a salon for dog grooming in Great Falls, MT, though, here are a few things to remember.

Start her early

Train your pet to endure grooming sessions while she’s still a puppy, the PetMD says. Starting your pet early will mean less resistance to new things. You could groom your pet at home at first. Brush her fur, give her baths and clip her nails so her first grooming session won’t turn out to be a traumatic experience for her.

Pay a visit

You’ll want to check out the salon before you bring in your pet for dog grooming in Great Falls, MT. Observe your surroundings. Take in the smells, sights, and sounds. Is your pet stressed? Give it some time. Once your pet gets used to the noise of the blowers or the other pets, she’ll learn to enjoy the grooming sessions.

Make it fun

It wouldn’t hurt to give your pet a treat whenever they walk into the groomer’s lobby. That way, you’re conditioning your pet to look forward to those salon visits. By giving out rewards, you can make each and every visit fun for your pooch.

Do your homework

Research your options for grooming salons. Don’t bring your pet to the first one you find. Neither should you go for the nearest one to your home. Look into the salon’s background before anything else.

Get the basics

Find out how long the salon has been around. What are the credentials and qualifications of the groomers or staff? Do they have the knowledge and experience to provide your pet with the care she needs? You’ll need to factor these things in before you pick a grooming salon for your dog.

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