A Basic Guide To The Teseq NSG 3060

The Teseq NSG 3060 is a multifunction generator that can be used in a wide variety of testing applications. It is designed to create and simulate electromagnetic interference in all types of immunity testing. In other words, this system is used to test how effective the device is when exposed to different levels of EMI.

As with all top systems, the NSG 3060 is designed and calibrated to meet and conform with all standards. This includes the IEC/EN standards and also the ANSI C62.41 and CE mark testing requirements. The system also provides both ANSI and IEC coupling methods for easy use.

It is able to test for Combined Wave Surge, Power Quality, Ring Wave and Electrical Fast Transient testing. With additional expansion available it can also be used to test magnetic fields as well Telecom Surge 10/700 testing.

Simple to Demanding

One of the reasons the Teseq NSG 3060 is such a popular generator for testing is because of the flexibility of the testing system. It can be very basic or more complex, allowing for the full spectrum of testing in one easy to use and conveniently small system.

With its modular design, additional cables and the option to set up individual pulse components. These can be added on to the base system without the need to continually recalibrate the system. This is known as a Master-Slave architecture where the slave controller saves the specifics for that module, allowing for quick and simple installation of a module to expand testing options.

Model Options

There are several different models of the Teseq NSG 3060. These are designed to meet the ANSI standards as well as the ITU testing series. These also the EXT model that offers the extension for Telecom Surge 10/700 testing and the package model.

Each model offers options to change parameters while the test is running, an important consideration in many testing applications. There is surge voltage protection on the unit to facilitate overtesting, which is not available on all EMC immunity testers.

With an easy to read status LEDs and a 7.2-inch color touch screen interface, this is a model that is intuitive to use and requires minimal in training and experience with testing equipment. It can be used for small to large testing requirements to offer a practical yet scalable option for all testing needs.

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