A Brief Overview Of PERA In MN

PERA or the Public Employees Retirement Association in Minnesota is responsible for a wide range of services for members, retirees, and employers. In general, the organization manages the pension fund for all qualifying public employees across the state.

This is also a resource for those who are considering retirement. Before determining if retirement is the right step, ensuring all documentation is correct and accurate helps to avoid complications in obtaining the benefits you have worked to earn.

For Current Members

In addition, PERA in MN also provides a range of other services for the three groups, including current working members, retirees and for employers. These additional services including managing the various plan options, providing information on updates and changes to the plans, assisting with retirement planning for members and also addressing issues such as divorce, understanding how to plan for retirement and providing education around retirement.

For Retirees

For those entering into retirement, or those retiring with PERA retirement benefits, it is essential to understand any changes that may occur based on potential employment. It is possible to have a marked decrease in retirement benefits by returning to work for a PERA-eligible employer, even if they are not a government or public sector employee.

They also provide information on Tax Withholding for those receiving benefits and address issues with cost of living adjustments once retirees are eligible for benefits.

For Employers

PERA MN provides support for employers in understanding the program, correctly reporting employee data and provides a central location for all required forms for the program.

While it may seem like government entities and school districts would have this information and training on the program, there are errors made throughout the system. By accessing the information offered through the program website, employers can ensure they are using the correct forms and reporting the required data to more accurately manage employee information for purposes of the retirement program.

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