A Few Signs That Wash Machine Repair in Shrewsbury, MA, May Be in Order

It is estimated that American families do around 300 loads of laundry every year. Unfortunately, this can put a lot of wear and tear on the washing machine. Some maintenance and repairs can be done by the owner. Other work needs to be done by professionals.

One sign that washer repair in Shrewsbury, MA, by a professional may need to be done sooner than later is that the machine makes excessive noise. This could be an indication that the washer is off-balance. Rearranging the clothes and making sure they are evenly dispersed can be helpful. However, if this doesn’t work, a motor mount or drum may be loose and require repair.

When the water doesn’t fill the drum, there may be simple ways to fix it, perhaps making sure the water faucets are turned on or removing a kink from a hose. Or it may be that the water intake valve or a clogged filter are to blame. If none of these simple fixes help the water drum fill up, this could be a second sign that professional washer repair in Shrewsbury, MA, is necessary.

If water remains in the drum or the drum isn’t turning, a belt may need to be replaced or the lid switch may need to be looked at. Or it may be possible that the water pump needs to be replaced by a professional.

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