A Few Things To Know About Roof Repair

When a roof is damaged there are many homeowners who are very reluctant to undertake the task, a combination of a fear of heights and lack of knowledge on how a roof is constructed make most call in professionals who do roof repair in Fort Washington as a matter of course. If however you do want to tackle the job it does not have to be difficult, DIY roofing repairs are often quite straight forward and cost effective.

If the roof on your home is relatively young then the damage that happens is normally that which is caused by the weather. In many cases wind will lift the shingles, perhaps ripping out the fasteners and pulling the adhesive loose at the same time. It does not take a hurricane force gale to lift shingles; if the wind is coming from the right direction a gust of 50 MPH can do it.

If the problem with your roof is a design problem then there is very little that the homeowner can do, in this case getting roof repair in Fort Washington means calling in professionals who have the correct tools and skill. As a homeowner if you fix the leak you have not solved the problem, if the problem itself is not solved then the leak will return time after time. Common problems with poor roof design is the support structure, it is not strong enough to support the weight of the plywood sheets and the shingles. It is quite possible that the roof pitch is insufficient or there are too few downspouts from the gutter system, this is often the case with a flat roof.

If the roof on your home is quite old the problems will almost certainly be caused by aging and weathering. Although maintaining the roof is not an on-going issue, it does however require some routine maintenance otherwise it will deteriorate which in turn allows water to enter the interior of the home. Those who live in areas which get a considerable number of hail storms during the year will find that the roof on their house deteriorates more quickly; this is also true if the home is located in an area of high concentrations of airborne pollution or salt laden air.

Regardless of what caused the need for roof repair in Fort Washington the process is similar. The damaged shingles must come off, any damage below the shingles must be repaired and new shingles installed. If the damage is severe it is best to call a roofing contractor.

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