A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix, AZ can Help Following a Crash

Thousands of motorcycle accidents happen on US roads each year. While many people may like to think that the majority of these accidents are caused by the motorcyclists, it is actually other drivers who are most commonly at fault. Most drivers are looking for other cars and trucks, not motorcycles, and they don’t seem to pay much attention to those who are riding motorcycles, until it is too late. Unfortunately, because they don’t have the protection of being encased in a larger vehicle, it is usually the motorcyclists who sustain the most injuries from crashes. This is why it is required by law that all motorcyclists carry motorcycle insurance, and why they are required to wear helmets and other safety gear.

There are three main things that lead to motorcycle accidents. Other drivers are the main cause, and there are several reasons, including being distracted, being intoxicated, not following the laws of the road, driving erratically, changing lanes frequently, and most commonly, not noticing motorcyclists. Another cause has to do with the bikes themselves. If the manufacturers have built parts that have defects, these defects could cause motorcycles to not work properly. The other main cause of motorcycle accidents is when there is a lack of road maintenance. It only takes hitting one little pothole to put a motorcycle off the road, especially if the driver is inexperienced.

When one has been in a motorcycle crash, one of the first things they should do is contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix, AZ. Whether the motorcyclist is at fault or not, they still need to have a qualified attorney on their side. When the accident is the fault of another driver, a Motorcycle Accident Attorney& will ensure that the motorcyclist will receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and property damage. The Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix will be able to go through all of the details of the accident, deal with the insurance company, and ensure that their clients are not going to have to pay out-of-pocket for accidents for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. that were no fault of their own. For more info, visit website.


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