A Primer on Wedding Dress Silhouettes

On your wedding day, you obviously want to look at your very best. The gown you choose to wear when walking down the aisle can have a huge impact on your presence on your big day. If you aren’t familiar with the different styles of wedding gowns, we’re here to help. We’ll look at some of the most common silhouettes you’ll see, whether you’re buying Cosmobella Designer Wedding Dresses or splurging on a gown by House of Wu.

The Traditional Ball Gown

When you imagine a fairy tale princess, complete with gown, the dress in your mind is what is called a ballgown. This type of dress is tight in the chest, flairs at the waist, and features a full skirt. It’s an excellent silhouette for nearly anyone, but especially those with a pear body type.

A-Line Silhouette

There are a couple of options with this type of dress. A traditional A-line gown is fitted at the waist with a flowing bottom. This looks a lot like the letter A, which is where the name comes from. This is another dress great for all body types.

The other style is a modified A-line dress. This is more fitted on the hips and chest but flares out toward the hem. The difference between this and the A-line is what the skirt hugs tighter on the traditional A-line.

Mermaid Gowns

With a mermaid gown, you will see a fitted area from the chest down to the knee. At that point there is a flair to the feet. This dress type is especially attractive on those who are thin or have an hourglass body with curves to show off.

Trumpet Dress

The trumpet gown is somewhere between an A-line and the mermaid silhouette. This dress will be fitted in the body with a flair at about the middle of the thigh. It looks especially beautiful on hourglass, petite, and banana shaped bodies.

Sheath Gowns

Another popular option for wedding gowns, like Cosmobella Designer Wedding Dresses, is the sheath cut. With this dress, the gown is narrow and goes down in a nearly straight line from neck to hem. Petite and banana frames look great in this type of dress.

Other Silhouettes

Other dress types include the tea-length, which has a skirt that stops between the ankle and knee, and the mini, which has a skirt that ends before the knees. These are less common but still popular in some circles.

Wedding Dresses for You

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