A Slip and Fall Lawyer in King George VA Will Stand Up For Your Rights

Personal injuries are on the rise in just about every state. People are getting hurt in automobile accidents, medical malpractices, industrial accidents and many other types of accidents. A common type of personal injury that happens is when people slip and fall, such as at the mall on a liquid spill, or in a grocery store on a freshly mopped floor. There is an attorney who designates his practice as a slip and fall lawyer in King George VA. Following are some things you need to be abreast of concerning slips and falls in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Slips and falls generally fall under a type of personal injury known as premise liability. This is because more times than not, the accidental slip or fall occurs due to some negligent behavior or condition on someone’s premises. As an unspoken rule, business owners who are opened to the public have a duty to ensure their property is made reasonably safe for the public use. Otherwise, someone may get injured, and the business owner becomes liable and may get slapped with a personal injury lawsuit.

The first thing to look at in a slip and fall lawsuit falls under damages, which are the injuries incurred by the victim. This would include not only the physical damages like sprains or broken bones, but also financial damages suffered for medical bills or lost time at work. Beyond this, the victim has the responsibility of proving that the business or an individual is liable for the injuries he or she sustained. Hiring a good lawyer at this point would be a good idea. If you are in the northern Virginia area, Hiring A good slip and fall Lawyer in king george va would be a wise step to make.

John P. Harris III practices personal injury law in the northern Virginia area. He is known as the Slip and Fall Lawyer King in that area of the country, and has been representing clients in terms of personal injury and automobile accidents for over thirty years. If you would like to obtain more information about his services, you can visit his website,
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