A Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL Represents Injured Retail Employees

A workers comp attorney in Melbourne, FL, is familiar with the most common injuries affecting retail workers. This lawyer provides representation for men and women who are having difficulty with claim approval. If you are unable to work while recovering from an injury, you may be experiencing significant problems due to the lack of income.

Strains, Sprains and Tears

Often, repetitive strain affects retail workers. Some of these employees must repeatedly bend, lift and twist throughout the day. Some develop shoulder inflammation or debilitating back pain. A sudden injury may occur when a worker bends and lifts a heavy item with improper posture or pulls too hard when trying to move something heavy. A shoulder rotator cuff tear might occur.

Shoulder, wrist and hand inflammation due to repetitive motion are frequent problems among cashiers. An employer or workers compensation benefits provider may dispute the claim since there was no identifiable episode that caused a sudden injury.


Bone fractures are surprisingly common among retail workers. Usually, the incident occurs due to slipping or tripping and falling on the floor or stairs. Some employees slip and fall from ladders. Others are struck by merchandise falling from overhead. A workers comp attorney in Melbourne, FL, represents these employees if their claim is denied or disputed. The employer or insurer may insist that the worker was distracted when the episode happened, for example.

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