Accused of a Driving Under the Influence? 5 Reasons to Hire DUI Attorneys

Being arrested because of DUI suspicion is scary and stressful. If this happens, it’s important to make good decisions to protect one’s freedom and maintain their driving privileges. The first thing one should do if arrested for driving under the influence is to call Schaumburg DUI attorneys. Here are five reasons to make that call right away.

Immediate Counsel

The sooner one hires an attorney, the sooner they get help. Once a person has sobered up, the police will begin questioning. Having an attorney present during this time is vital to one’s case.

Lawyers Fight for their Clients’ Legal Protection

Not all DUI cases are cut and dry. Some are based on weak arguments or insufficient evidence. A DUI attorney knows the strength of one’s case and how to mount the best defense for their clients.

Protect Your License

A very real possibility when one is arrested for driving while under the influence is losing their license. Even people who have never been arrested for DUI suspicion are at risk of losing their driving privileges. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t guarantee one will keep their license, but it allows room for getting a better plea deal.

Lawyers Know How to Negotiate

Lawyers are expert negotiators. They work hard to get their clients the best deal to protect their freedom, their driving privileges, and their employment.

The Case Might Go to Trial

Some cases don’t get solved during negotiations. Some, depending on the severity, go to trial. If this happens, one must hire Schaumburg DUI attorneys. To hire an attorney, contact Covert Marrero Covert, LLP, online at

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