Add A Geo Filter To Your Snapchat

Add a geo filter to your Snapchat to make it more unique to your event and location. When you have a special occasion, group event or business event taking the simple step of adding a filter to your snaps that give location information can help with the success of the turnout.

Providing Valuable Information

Filters on snapchat are typically used for fun. Some of the most popular filters on snapchat are evidence of the fun that people like to have with this messaging app like the “cat face” or the “bunny face” or the “face switch” filter. They are all popular and all used for fun but you can actually use filters to provide valuable information as well.

Geo locations are a great help when you are holding an event like:

  • Sporting events
  • Charity events
  • Business events
  • Parties
  • Dining events

There are so many times when you can use a filter that offers up geo location that will help people to find you. Snapchat is a fun way to communicate with people in your group but it can also be a serious tool that can be used for more serious communications.

The Right Filters

Getting the right filters for your snaps may mean creating your own. It sounds harder than it is. Creating your own personalized filters can help you to raise awareness about a wide range of events. Of course having customized filters does not only have to be used for serious communications they can be used just to show community pride!

Get help creating the filters that will speak for you about your next event, your community or just to provide a little more info about who you are from Geo-filters where you can do it yourself or get some help!

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