Advantages of Seeing a Dentist in Port Monmouth for Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most revolutionary options of the dental field in recent years. Every Dentist in Port Monmouth has looked into the possibility of improving the color of teeth as this is a great alternative for many people looking for aesthetic improvements. But before starting this treatment, it is good to know what whitening is and what a Teeth Whitening Dentist can do for you. This article explains all this teeth whitening and in what cases it’s recommended.

Why do teeth stain?

There are many reasons that cause our teeth to stain or yellow, some of which may occur before the tooth erupts and others when they are out. The most common are:

  • The use of some types of antibiotics
  • Excess fluoride
  • Hereditary issues
  • Excessive consumption of foods that stain teeth like tea, coffee, wine, etc.
  • Smoking
  • Bad dental hygiene habits
  • Aging

Professional teeth whitening

Just as there are various reasons that cause our teeth to yellow, your local Dentist in Port Monmouth will also have different solutions to correct the issue. Professional tooth whitening is definitely the best choice if you want major results. This procedure must be done by a specialist in a certified dental clinic, and the number of sessions and the techniques used may vary depending on the type of stains you have. With that said, it is important to consult your dentist to indicate what is most appropriate.

Teeth whitening at home

Currently, there are several commercial brands that have launched their own line of products for teeth whitening. They work best in the long term and in cases where stains aren’t strong. Another alternative is the use of professional whitening products at home, but they must be recommended by a specialist after a consultation or case-by-case analysis. They operate more effectively than the commercial products mentioned above, since the peroxide compound is greater. However, for spotting or if a better result is expected, it is best to consult a specialist and undergo professional treatment.

Before beginning any teeth whitening treatment, it’s very important to visit your local Dentist in Port Monmouth for a professional dental cleaning. Similarly, it is necessary to see a specialist to see what the risks are and what changes you should make to your daily habits. By doing so, you will ensure that the whitening you undergo lasts longer.

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