Advocacy and Representation from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Bismark, ND

As a motorcyclist, you are entitled to use the public roadways as much as any other motorist. Other drivers are legally obligated to provide you with ample room to navigate traffic and also extend courtesies to you when you need to turn, yield or take other actions while cycling.

When you are injured in a wreck caused by another driver’s malice or negligence, you are entitled to compensation and justice under the state’s personal injury laws. You can hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Bismarck, ND from the Pagel Weikum Law Firm to represent you today.

Proving Innocence

When motorcyclists are involved in accidents, many in the public are quick to blame the cyclists rather than other drivers. They assume that the motorcycle drivers were engaging in reckless behavior like driving too fast or weaving in and out of traffic.

When you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bismarck, ND to represent you, you gain an advocate who can prove that you were not in the wrong in the accident and that the other motorist or motorists caused the wreck to occur. Your lawyer can present evidence in court if needed and make solid arguments for why the other parties involved owe you ample compensation for your pain and suffering.

You can call to schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bismarck, ND at Pagel Weikum Law Firm. Visit our website to learn more about why you should hire an experienced attorney.

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