Ailments that can be Treated at Urgent Care

While not appropriate for life-threatening illnesses or serious injuries, urgent care facilities are perfect for a wide variety of basic ailments that would’ve left you waiting in your doctor’s office for hours. Meanwhile, urgent care centers pair you with a doctor soon after you walk in the door, and can typically have you out in just over an hour. But what specific ailments do urgent care centers specialize in? If you are looking for urgent care in Bainbridge, and want to know the answer to that very question, please read on.

#1. Injuries
Many who come to an urgent care facility do so because they’ve very recently suffered trauma, and don’t want to wait for an appointment, and the trauma isn’t severe enough for the ER. These are typically not chronic pains, but ones suffered through some sort of accident. These common injuries include bone bruises, ankle/knee/shoulder sprains, shallow cuts or lacerations, burns, injuries from falls or car accidents, or whiplash. While urgent care centers are not equipped to handle, say, multiple broken ribs, they can handle a fractured arm or a minor burn.

#2.  Illnesses
If someone has come to an urgent care center for an illness, it probably isn’t life threatening, but it is something they would like to not have to deal with anymore. Especially if the illness could potentially become lethal later if left unchecked, like a urinary tract infection. Other illnesses include Bronchitis, pink eye, mono, yeast infections, colds, the flu, ear infections, and strep throat. These are illnesses that can be treated with antibiotics, so the center will typically just look at you to see what the problem is, write you a prescription, and send you on your way.

#3. Unknown
And sometimes, you don’t know what the problem is, and you need a professional to take a look at you. You should probably stop by an urgent care center if you are experiencing swollen glands, wheezing, minor abdominal pain, headaches, diarrhea, sore throat, rashes, or any other inexplicable pain or swelling throughout the body. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should stop by an urgent care center to have it diagnosed.

Urgent care centers are an invaluable asset for those who just need a quick prescription, or a small cast, or just some help figuring out what’s wrong. If you are experiencing any of the above ailments, and you don’t want to wait for a doctor or pay for the ER, stop by your local urgent care center.

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