All About Masonry

Masonry construction uses stones, concrete bricks, and the like to build structures. These stones are called masonry units. It is very intensive and is a skill that only an experienced few have. There is very little maintenance when it comes to masonry work. The construction is meant to last for many years, have high durability and is solid in its structure.

Veneer Masonry

Brick veneer masonry uses bricks as a type of siding for the house. Underneath the brick is the home’s typically wood frame. The wood and brick are separated by an air space which works as insulation.

Solid Masonry

Solid masonry layers brick in its construction. Its basic form would have an outer layer of brick and underneath would be another layer of brick or some other type of concrete. The result is a tough and strong construction that will outlast the toughest storms, winds and environments. The structure that is built with solid masonry is meant to last for hundreds of years.

Masonry Units

There are many types of concrete masonry units available. Masonry contractors in Evanston have many options to offer when constructing a masonry wall or floor. The types of bricks or concrete include an insulated version, a light weight version and a sand blasted version. The list is long.

If you are looking at bricks, there are two main types that can be used in construction. The dry press brick uses a thick clay mixture to make the brick. The brick is molded and pushed into the mold with hydraulic force. Then the brick is put into an oven to bake and strengthen. Next is the soft mud brick. This uses a clay, ash, and lime mixture. These are also pressed into a mold and put in an oven to intensify the brick’s strength.

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