Always on Top: Types of Roofing Tacoma

Commercial and residential roofs share several materials and processes. But it takes an experienced, professional roof contractor to advise consumers which roof system is right for the structure involved. A roof is a 20- to 30-year investment, so it pays to learn at least the basics of roofing and roof installments before shopping around for a contractor.

The most familiar and popular type of residential roofing material is composite shingle, also known as an asphalt shingle. Each shingle is usually a three-tabbed fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and mineral granules. In recent years, metal Roofing Tacoma has also become popular, no longer just for industrial or commercial buildings. Metal roofs are more durable, insect resistant, and also more expensive than many other options. Woodshake roofs are another type that are composed of wooden shingles usually split from cedar, redwood, cypress or pine. While they are treated with preservatives and fire retardants, residents in Tacoma should consider adding a protective ice dam near the eaves. Tiled roofs another popular roofing material that are made of concrete or the iconic curved red clay tiles that top Spanish-style homes, and help conserve energy year round. To know more, click here.

Commercial and industrial roofs use some of those same materials, along with a few others. TPO is thermoplastic polyolefin, thin rubbery sheets that are bonded to a fiber core, usually on top of corrugated steel, to seal out the elements. Torchdown roofs are similar to TPO but are used mostly on flat roofs, with an additional layer of minerals. It is attached with a heated adhesive, although newer peel-and-stick torchdown systems are becoming more available.

Besides the roof material itself, there are often additional important factors to consider for Roofing Tacoma. A professional contractor will ensure that the job complies with building code requirements and manufacturer’s specifications. The typical roof job also often calls for gutters or blown-in insulation, which a good comprehensive service such as Business Name. in Tacoma will be able to provide. Other comprehensive services include new roofs, replacement roofs, repairs, free estimates for residential, commercial, and industrial roofing, and of course emergency repairs. Most contractors encourage customers to call or email to schedule a free estimate.

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