Answering Questions About A Septic System in Oak Harbor, WA

A homeowner might not even know whether or not they have a Septic System in Oak Harbor WA. Believe it or not, there are people who have owned their homes for years and don’t know if they use septic tanks. If a homeowner does have a septic tank, they have to take special precautions.

Is There A Septic Tank?

The best way to find out if a home has a Septic System in Oak Harbor WA is to ask for clarification during the buying process. The real estate agent should be able to give a clear answer. A person who already owns their home can check their utility bill to see if a wastewater treatment charge is on there. That usually means a home isn’t connected to a septic tank.

Is It That Simple?

Unfortunately, a homeowner might have to do more digging to be sure what their home is connected to.There are homeowners who have to pay for wastewater treatment even though they aren’t connected to the sewer. If a sewer system is running through a part of a neighborhood, everyone who owns a home can be charged for it even if they aren’t using it.

Getting An Answer

The easiest way to get clarification on the matter is to call the utility company to find out if the address is indeed connected to the sewer system. Some buyers will even do this during the buying process to verify what the seller or real estate agent might be telling them. A lot of buyers don’t want to buy properties that have septic tanks.

What If A Home Has A Septic System?

If a property has a septic tank, a homeowner has to be much more careful about what they put into their plumbing system since they will have to pay for any repairs. They will also have to arrange for service every few years in order to have their tank cleaned. An unexpected septic problem can set a person back thousands of dollars.

It isn’t really too hard to find out if a property is connected to a septic system or sewer. Buyers should definitely find out before completing a purchase.

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