Ant Control

Ants come in all shapes and sizes; they actually form the bulk of the earth’s biomass! While they are fascinating creatures, you do not want them in your house. As with other pests, sharing your interior space with ants is something that you and your family members just do not want to do. Not only do some ants bite, but some species can eat through wood and therefore create structural damage to your home or office. Therefore, ant control is a necessary and essential service when you live in New York, where several types of pest ants can become a problem. Some types of ants that you may encounter in your home include pavement ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and odorous house ants. Each of these and several other common ant species can be easily controlled by pest control services like Viking Pest Control in New York.

The first step in controlling ants is to locate their nesting sites, which may differ depending on the type of ant. Pavement ants, for example, tend to nest outside your house. As their name suggests, they nest under the pavement or beneath stones and logs. They can, however, enter your house through exposed areas like cracks. Sealing your home properly can control pavement ants and prevent them from becoming a problem. The same is true for odorous house ants, which can be controlled with proper sealing of your home. Controlling other types of ants may require professional intervention. Some types, like pharaoh ants, can be seen in many different rooms of the house and develop large colonies. Controlling pharaoh ants may require professional services like those offered by Viking Pest Control. If you are a homeowner, the most important ants you need to be aware of and control immediately are carpenter ants because of the damage they can do to the wood inside your home.

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