Ants Control Services in Alexandria, VA: A Brief Overview of Ants and How to Keep Them at Bay

More than 1,000 species of ants live across the United States according to a recent report. Among the most common are the Argentine, sugar and fire varieties. As social creatures, they can live in colonies ranging from just a few members to well over a million. Sometimes, they decide to invade homes and bring hundreds or thousands of their fellow colonists along for the uninvited visit. When this happens, Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA are certainly in order.

Why Do Ants Enter Homes?

Despite being insects, common household ants have quite a varied diet. Depending on the species, they may eat anything from cookies and cereal to meat and veggies. Looking for these menu items is one of the primary reasons ants make their way into human homes. Scientific studies, as well as victim experience, have proven they also come inside during extremely rainy or dry spells.

Are Ants Dangerous?

In light of their size, ants may seem fairly harmless. Some species are, but others aren’t so innocent. Fire and sugar ants are known for their painful bites. Certain species, including black house ants, can even spread illnesses because they often plunder garbage and animal waste for nutrition. Carpenter ants sometimes burrow into decks and other wooden areas of homes to make their nests.

How Do You Get Rid of Ants?

Numerous ant control options are available to the public, such as baits and sprays. They offer varying levels of effectiveness depending on the type of ant in question, but most only kill a few members of the colony at best. In most cases, professional Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA are the most productive alternative. Having any leaks in or around the home repaired and removing damp, decaying wood can also help deter ants. Keeping foods in tightly sealed containers is also recommended.

In most cases, ants aren’t particularly dangerous, but some can deliver painful blows if they feel threatened. Others may cause significant damage to homes and other structures if they’re not taken care of promptly. Visit Pest Management Services to learn more about preventing ant invasions or to schedule an appointment if an infestation is already underway. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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