Are Dental Implants in Honolulu a Good Idea?

If you are missing a tooth or already have dentures, you might feel embarrassed or ashamed. You may even feel unattractive and have less social interaction than you used to. If so, this might be the right time for you to consider getting dental implants in Honolulu. Dental implants are essentially replacement tooth roots that are used to attach artificial teeth. These artificial teeth can be removable or permanently placed.

The implants are surgically attached to the jawbone or metal plate in the jaw by a dentist or endodontist. For dental implants to be a good choice for you, you must have a good autoimmune system and the correct bone density. The procedure is usually very successful and lasts for years. It is absolutely necessary, however, to practice and continue good oral hygiene before and after the procedure to minimize the risk of infection or complication. While most dental insurance doesn’t cover implants, some medical insurance will, so it is a good idea to ask your insurance provider if they will cover your procedure.

Many people have found that dental implants and replacement teeth have been far more favorable than dentures. With dentures, people often find that their speech is affected negatively and therefore will talk less with others. Dental implants, however, reduce effects on speech. People may also find that their facial features look improved, or more like they used to, after receiving implants.

Dental implants also look significantly more authentic than dentures, so others won’t be able to tell they aren’t real. All of this serves to give those who receive dental implants back their self-confidence. From a health perspective, dental implants are far more comfortable than dentures, which often rip or cut the inside of the mouth or gum, risking infection. People with dental implants typically can’t feel them at all.

Also, people with implants are able to eat more easily, and they may be able to eat foods they hadn’t been able to previously because of their dentures. This helps ensure proper nutrition and varied diet in these patients. If you are struggling with dentures or even self-conscious about a single missing tooth, consider obtaining Dental Implants in Honolulu. They just may improve your life immensely!

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