Are There Safe Dog Chews?

Browsing the internet will provide dog owners with a range of different options in blogs, articles and even online newspaper reports talking about the dangers of different types of dog chew toys.

It is not difficult to find articles on the risk of common dog dental treats causing choking problems to the high calorie, low nutritional content of many of the off the shelf types of more natural dog chews.

One of the least safe types of dog chews on the market is traditional rawhide. These bones, braids, twists, and pieces are some of the most commonly associated with dog choking. They are also a significant cause of digestive blockages in dogs of all ages and sizes.

What Makes Dog Chews Safe?

There are two basic factors to look for in safe dog chews. The first one is easy to remember – always choose no rawhide products. This includes whole, rolled or wrapped types of rawhide as well as shredded and pressed rawhide.

The second option to consider is the digestibility factor. The best safe dog chews are made with pork and chicken skin which is baked to remove fat and make it safe for packaging and storage. Adding in milk and peanut butter for flavor and topping the chew off with vitamins and nutrients makes a highly digestible, safe, healthy treat for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Safe Feeding of Chews

All safe dog chews are designed to provide a dog with a way to relieve their natural instincts to chew as well as to keep dogs content and busy doing something they love. When feeding any chew bone, always supervise the dog while they enjoy the treat.

It is also essential to limit the number of dog chews per day. Most manufacturers recommend one chew bone per day, and they should never be used as a substitute for kibble or your preferred dog food.

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