Are You Seeking a Local Dog Groomer in Centennial?

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Business

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If you are seeking the services of a local dog groomer in Centennial, it doesn’t hurt to learn some of the jargon that is used in the dog grooming world. For instance, carding is a procedure that involves removing a loose, or dead, undercoat. A specialized, blunt-edged, grooming tool is employed for this purpose. De-matting is yet another regularly-used term. The process entails, as you might have guessed, removing matted fur.

Hand Stripping and Plucking

Hand-stripping and plucking is yet another process that is routinely performed by a professional dog groomer. This technique involves removing a dead outer coat and is generally used on wire-haired breeds, such as terriers. Either the fingers or stripping tools, are used to perform the service.


Scissoring, in the grooming business, means using a metal comb and scissors for finishing a trim. Scissoring is often required when completing trim work on a dog’s feet, face, and tail area. Groomers also use forced-air dryers to dry a dog completely, after it has been dried with a towel.

The Skirt, Feathers, and Pants

The skirt of a dog is the long hair, on longer-haired breeds, that falls on each side of a canine’s body, between the back and front legs, thus creating a skirt-type appearance. Feathers, on the other hand, represent the fringe of hair located along the front and back legs of certain breeds. Pants are the long hair featured on the back of a dog’s legs.

Pom-poms and Topknots

A pom-pom cut is often featured on poodles and similar fluffy dogs. The pom-pom is styled above the feet, and on the end of a dog’s tail. A topknot is also used, in cutting and styling a dog’s hair. The pigtail. or ponytail, is held in place with a bow, binder, or barrette. Topknots are often featured on dogs such as Bichon Frises, or Yorkshire Terriers.

Where to Visit Online

So, if you are seeking a dog groomer or grooming service, keep the above grooming terms in mind. You can find out more about these kinds of services by visiting websites such as Garden Of The Paws – Pet Market & Spa. Make sure you know all you can about grooming in order to keep your pet feeling, and looking, his ultimate best.

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