Are You Suffering From A Neck Injury In Renton WA?

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Chiropractor

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Neck injuries can happen in automobile accidents, slip and falls, sports, and sometimes through in the course of natural aging. These types of injuries can cause headaches, dizziness, and loss of regular mobility an individual previously enjoyed. An individual can suffer from difficulty moving their head in any direction and be unable to drive a vehicle to due to their Neck Injury Renton WA. A chiropractor can help an individual who is suffering from this type of injury and won’t prescribe them pain medication or muscle relaxers. Taking these types of medication only mask the pain and can result in further damage to someone’s neck.

A Chiropractor Uses A Body’s Natural Healing Properties

A chiropractor utilizes the body’s natural healing properties to improve a Neck Injury Renton WA. After they perform a thorough examination, they might determine the individual will benefit from decompression to separate the vertebrae in the neck and break down the connective tissue that is inflamed. In certain cases, decompression can start to offer almost immediate relief to an individual who’s suffering from pain in their neck.

Preventing Future Problems

Chiropractic treatment can eliminate future problems with someone’s neck when treatment is completed. The goal of the chiropractor is to reduce the pain and inflammation in the area, align the neck and spine, and strengthen the muscles that were previously weakened by the Neck Injury Renton WA. The likelihood of injuring the area after therapy has been completed is dramatically reduced.

Will A Patient Have To Do Exercise?

In certain situations, a patient will be given exercises to perform at home to help with their recovery. They will be followed closely by the chiropractor’s office and given additional exercises as they progress in their recovery.

How Can A Chiropractor Provide Pain Relief To An Injured Neck?

A chiropractor might use electric stimulation, ultrasound, and decompression or massage therapy to give a patient the relief they need. None of these types of treatment will cause a patient any pain, and will only provide the relief they need.

If you’ve suffered an injury to the neck, Rebound Sports Med can help. The chiropractor and staff will work closely with you throughout your entire treatment so you’re not sitting on the sideline of life any longer.

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