Arrested on a Drug Charge? Hire a Criminal Attorney in Chicago Immediately

When a person is arrested on a felony drug charge, they should keep their mouths shut. The police may tell them that the charges will get reduced, if they implicate the distributors above them. Unless the agreement is in writing and approved by the district attorney, the district attorney may not agree to it. The only thing a defendant should say to the police is that they want to speak with an attorney. When the Criminal Attorney Chicago arrives, he can listen to the offer and determine if it is a reasonable one.

The attorney will consider the quality of the evidence against his client. The police have to have probable cause to search a person. If the search warrant was issued on the basis of an anonymous tip, the trial judge may throw out all evidence based on that warrant. The police have been known to fake tips to get warrants. The defense attorney will know how to question the police on this matter. Even if the judge allows the evidence into trial, the Criminal Attorney Chicago will know how to cross examine the detectives who used the tip to get the warrant. He will skillfully imply to the jury that there was no tip and that the police aren’t to be trusted.

Often the police arrest low level drug users and distributors to find the people in charge of the network. The defense attorney may also imply that the police planted additional drugs in order to increase the charges. This would put even more pressure on the defendant to inform on those above them. Sometimes the drugs aren’t found on the suspect. The police say that they saw the defendant throw the drugs out of the window of the car, before he stopped. This makes it very easy for the defense attorney to imply that no drugs were thrown out of the car.

The defense attorney doesn’t have to prove that his client is innocent. He just has to plant enough doubt in the mind of the jury that his client was used as part of a police strategy to bring down a drug cartel. People who want to learn more about hiring a criminal attorney can Visit Site. They can read about the cases the attorney will take.

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