Auto Accident Injury: Most Common Injuries

Every day, millions of individuals are injured in road accidents. An auto accident injury is largely dependent on the severity of the crash, which can be affected by numerous factors, such as the speed, size, weight, or structure of the automobile.

Nevertheless, there are a few common injuries that are typically caused as a result of a car accident:

Head and Neck Injuries

Several motor vehicle accident survivors are rear-ended, resulting in severe whiplash and neck strain injuries, as well as more serious injuries like cervical dislocation and ruptured discs.

Whenever the neck’s muscles and ligaments are strained beyond their range of movement, whiplash and neck strain can occur.
Scarring from Lacerations

Chemical spills, fires, shards of metal, and glass can all lead to burns and lacerations in the skin. If not treated properly, these can often result in permanent scars.

Broken Bones

Fractures are a very common auto accident injury Orlando, which often takes time and rehabilitation to heal. Serious injuries require surgeries to allow proper alignment of the bones while they heal.

Brain Injuries

Internal bleeding, bruising, swelling, nerve damage, and skull fractures are the most common causes of brain injuries. A traumatic brain injury occurs when a person suffers from a momentary or permanent loss of brain function as a result of an accident.

Back Injuries

Fractures, ruptured discs, lumbar spine injuries, sprains, and thoracic spine injuries are among the most common back injuries. Most of the symptoms linked with this trauma appear in the days following the accident.

An auto accident injury can be more severe and damaging than it lets on. Therefore, you should always consult an auto accident doctor after any such incident. Our specialists are experienced in trauma care.

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