Avoid Those Cold Showers With Reliable Water Heater Repair in Charlotte NC

Every home has many appliances such as the comfort systems that keep the space warm or cool, but there is one appliance that most property owner forgets about, at least until it fails. This is the water heating system and there are various kinds available. For instance, water heaters come as systems that store the heated liquid in a tank and those that supply hot water on demand. Each of these groups can be further divided into appliances that burn fuel to heat the water and those that use electrical resistance. Controlled heating can be very complex and loss of heat is the main reason that homeowners seek out water heater repairs in Charlotte NC.

The most common water heater is the tank based unit. Gas versions of this appliance function by heating the base of the tank. Plus, a portion of the heat and any exhaust runs through an exhaust pipe in the center of the tank and into a flue that vents out of the home. This exhaust system needs to be cleaned on a regular basis so that it does not become blocked. An improperly functioning flue will affect the flame used to heat the water because it inhibits the flow of air. Flames require oxygen to burn properly and poor airflow restricts the amount of available oxygen. Another possible fault with a gas burning unit is a failing control system. These appliances require fuel regulation so that the heat cycles on and off.

Electric units also need occasional Water Heater Repairs in Charlotte NC. For example, the element that heats the water can short out. This could have two possible side effects. The first would be the obvious lack of hot water even though there are no tripped safety switches or electrical breakers. The second is a short that results in a continuous low-power circuit. This fault can occur if the damaged element shorts across itself or contacts any gunk in the tank such as mineral deposits. This particular problem results in continuously heating water and the possibility of scalding water at the tap. Luckily, manufacturers install a fail-safe on these appliances that trip off the power supply when a specific temperature is reached. Contact All About the Pipes Plumbing for more details about water heater repair.

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