Avoiding Extra Sodium in Your Diet? How a CA Salt-Free Water System Helps

Californians are some of the most health-conscious people in the country. If you live in California, particularly the Santa Ana area, there are options for reducing your salt and sodium intake in ways you may not have considered. For example, many water softening systems use some form of rock salt. People with talented palates can taste the salt in the softened water. While you may get used to the taste, this does add some amount of extra salt/sodium to your diet that you are trying to avoid. One solution is to use a salt-free water softener.

What the Salt-Free Water Softener Is

A salt-free water softener utilizes microfiltration filtering in the form of cylinders installed into your home’s water line. The filters are made from a couple of different perfectly safe materials. The system uses less space than a few extra pipes and connections. It doesn’t require the kind of space salt water softeners require either.

How They Work

Most of the time these salt-free systems work using reverse osmosis because it removes a ton of very tiny particles of dirt, sand, and microscopic bacteria that some other systems might miss. Microfilters made of different membrane materials allow water to pass back and forth through the microfilter membranes until the water is sent into the pipes. The whole filtering process occurs within the canisters attached to your pipes. No salt or sodium is ever used. If this sounds like the kind of system you would like to have, contact Isopure Water at www.isopurewater.com today.

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