Be proactive with a Waterproof Wall in Oklahoma City OK

While most homeowners get basements waterproofed in response to leaking or the new problem of flooding due to all the snow from climate change, it is recommended for homeowners in Oklahoma to be proactive. The reason is due to unpredictable soil conditions because of the layers of clay and sandstone. The weight bearing strata lies underneath these layers, so structural integrity is often compromised. A Waterproof Wall in Oklahoma City OK can stop this problem before it affects the stability of the house.

What to Notice

Signs of an issue can include uneven or popping floors, cracks in sheet-rock or slabs, and cracks in garage flooring. Some signs can be noticed within the living spaces of the house if homeowners are aware of them. Gaps between windows and walls, crown mouldings, connections between two walls, or in garage walls are signs to call a professional. Rotted wood, cracks in bricks or concrete, and dragging doors may also indicate a shifting house.

The Right Solution

Since a Waterproof Wall in Oklahoma City OK is only on solution to address problems with a foundation or basement, it is critical to get the situation assessed by professionals. Experienced companies will offer a free evaluation of the home to determine the structural integrity and stability. Free estimates for all viable solutions are provided at that time as well. The structural repairs will be done before any cosmetic work is considered.

An innovative technique developed by one company is used for fixing cracked slabs. The Perforation Point Process, as it is called, drives steel piers up to twenty percent deeper than other companies to pass through clay and sandstone to reach the load bearing strata of the soil. These piers stabilize the house by creating a platform that is not affected by the unpredictability of the first two soil layers.

Information to Assist with Proactivity

Knowing what to look for, which companies are best equipped to handle all issues and surfaces, and learning what options exist will help homeowners be proactive about the safety and stability of the structure. This is where the family lives. It is the biggest investment some people will make in life and needs to be kept in excellent condition. Check out Website to begin learning about the foundation and basement.

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