Benefits Of A Whiskey Making Kit

While some people believe that you can’t make whiskey yourself, you can if you get a kit that helps you. It is true that, in the US, it is illegal to make alcohol, even for personal use, you can find unaged whiskeys and can age it yourself. Likewise, you can always buy a still and make your own spirits on the down-low if you want to feel like a rebel.

What You Get

Primarily, whiskeys are aged in oak barrels, and while distilleries use large barrels and age a lot at once, yours won’t take years to age because it will be a half-gallon barrel or smaller. Therefore, you can enjoy your spirits in a few months, with the aging process starting in just a few days.

Making It

Making your own alcohol may seem exciting and fun, and it is! But you should also be careful as it is illegal in all 50 states unless you have a license to own and run a distillery. However, people still make their own and you can, too. If you choose to do so, you’ll need to have all the plans and tools necessary, some of which may be sold together as a bundle.

In most cases, kits are available to make moonshine, and you can make whiskeys as a moonshine, as well. It should include the still, milk cans, gaskets, clamps, thermometers, towers, and even some yeast to start you off. However, traditional moonshine is a completely clear liquid and is similar to vodka. You can still make other spirits, but you’ll need the right ingredients, which can include barley, rye, corn/grain, and more.

It may be best to consider aging and making kits, as both will help you on your journey to making delicious whiskeys for yourself or friends. Like us at Facebook

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