Benefits of Pre-Season Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning in Mobile AL

Each spring has the weather starts to turn warmer, it is a good time to have your home’s Air Conditioning Mobile AL checked to ensure it is in good working order. In doing this early in the season you can often avoid extra time and expense you might encounter if you unit stopped working during the busy summer season.

One of the most important things, which will need to be done to your system for Air Conditioning Mobile AL, is to have the unit cleaned. Air conditioners pull in a lot of air when they are operating. Along with the air, they will generally pull in dust, hair, dirt and other particles. This dirt will begin to coat the exterior and interior of the various components of the system. One of the places dirt accumulates the most is in and around the blower.

The blower pulls in the air to be cooled and then pushes it back into the ventilation system. When this unit becomes too dirty it will not work properly. Because of this, often one of the first things a technician will do when servicing your Air Conditioning Mobile AL is to spend some time vacuuming the interior and exterior of the blower. The air filter on the unit will also be changed.

The condenser and compressor are two components, which are generally housed together. This unit is generally kept outside. Because of its location, it can become very dirty as well. Before the housing is removed, large debris, such as branches, leaves, and other items will first need to be removed. Once the unit is clean, the housing can be removed. This will allow the technician access to the coils on the system. The coils get very dirty and this can cause airflow to be restricted. A technician will use high-pressure water to clean the coils on your system for Air Conditioning Mobile AL. The fins should also be cleaned by brushing with a stiff brush.

Keeping your air conditioning system clean and in good working order can help make your summer cooler and more enjoyable as well. Often having the system serviced right before summer starts can be the best time to have this task completed.

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