Benefits of Using New Power Wheelchairs

The new power wheelchairs allow users to experience freedom and independence that wasn’t possible with the lightweight bariatric manual wheelchairs. These power wheelchairs are great for people who struggle with walking and standing. Some of the other benefits of using these wheelchairs are discussed below.

Suitable for Everyone

The affordable and new power wheelchairs with innovative designs and advanced features are suitable for everyone, irrespective of the intensity of the disability. In addition, these wheelchairs are designed with a convenient joystick for better control over the movements. Moreover, various wheelchairs allow the users to adjust the leg space, height, reclining, and tilting.

Suitable for Different Places

The power wheelchairs are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor uses, which makes them suitable for people who need support all day long. In addition, these wheelchairs have a tighter turning radius, which makes them suitable for tighter spaces. Also, these wheelchairs can handle steep inclines if a person has to take a different detour.

Convenient Transport

The power wheelchairs are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to take out of the car. In fact, if you have a wheelchair with a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery, you can even take it on the plane with you.

Safe and Secure

The electric/power wheelchairs have a lower center of gravity, which means it won’t tip over like manual wheelchairs. In addition, it can move on rough terrains, preventing the chances of accidental rolling. Moreover, the users always have control over the movement of wheelchairs, which makes them feel secure and safe.

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