Benefits To Consider If You’re Thinking About Breast Augmentation In Chicago

While most women feel okay with their bodies, some want to augment their breasts and make them look bigger. They may feel that the procedure will give them the breast size they’ve always wanted, but they may also want to enhance their symmetry and shape to make them more attractive. Whether you’ve been actively considering breast augmentation in Chicago or are toying with the idea, learning about its benefits can help you make a more informed decision.

Customizable Treatments

Augmenting the breasts isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Each woman has a different desire and different look they’re trying to achieve. However, the procedure is similar no matter what outcome you are seeking. It will include creating incisions in the breasts and inserting implants.

However, options can include the type of implant, incision types, placement of the implant and the Rapid Recovery Method. Most women would prefer that the incision is under the armpits, but it may be better to go around the areolas or the crease of the breasts.

Implant types can include silicone and saline. Silicone can cause severe problems if they rupture, but they do look more natural. Saline can be safer since it is filled with sterile water, but may not provide you the natural bust look you want.

The implants can also be placed below or above the pectoral muscle. Your plastic surgeon will help you decide which option will work best for your body and your needs.

The Rapid Recovery method opens and elongates the muscles, which will hold the implants. In most cases, it can shorten recovery time so you can return to work after 24 hours. It can also reduce your discomfort after surgery.


The primary advantage of breast augmentation in Chicago is that you’ll feel better about yourself and be more confident. However, you’ll also notice that your clothing fits well and that you can wear other styles, such as low-cut tops and halters with ease.

Another advantage is that the breasts won’t just be bigger. They will look even, have a beautiful shape and provide you with cleavage that you may not have right now.

Rapid Recovery methods ensure that you have a short healing period, but the healing process may not take that long, depending on your overall health.

This treatment can also be combined with other procedures, such as surgery to lift the breasts, which provides even better results, based on your needs.

Breast augmentation in Chicago has come a long way and is a lot safer than in previous years. Visit Chicagoland Aesthetics now to learn more.

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