Best Applications For Ultrasonic Welding Services

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Molding

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While ultrasonic welding many have a futuristic sound, it is not a new technology. In fact, it has been around and used for many types of plastics for over a half a century.

All ultrasonic welding services will use the same basic methods, but not all services offer the expertise, experience, and equipment that creates the ideal weld. To help to understand when to use the ultrasonic welding and why choosing a top company is important, it is important to take a quick look at the process.

Ultrasonic Welding In Action

This is a process that creates a join in plastics through the use of ultrasonic vibrations or waves. Unlike traditional types of welding, there is no external heat source used. Instead, the movement of the molecules in the plastic pieces by the ultrasonic vibrations causes the point contacts or small protrusions on the plastic pieces to melt and form a bond. Pressure is also applied at the same time, which ensures a complete seal.

Faster Process

For rigid or flexible plastics ultrasonic welding services offer a very fast way to create a joint. Additionally, with only the small amount of melting on the point contacts, there is no change to the base plastics.

This eliminates the need for long periods of cooling and solidifying. The entire process will take just milliseconds, which is many times faster the gluing. Additionally, without the need for fasteners or snap together types of assembly there is the ability to make a seamless device, ideal for water resistance and waterproofing.

The cost of ultrasonic welding services is also lower that with snap-fit joints or with gluing. With fewer processes, less waste and a better, more complete join this is an ideal option for many types of plastic component manufacturing processes.

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