Blank Things You Should Know About MTF Breast Implants Procedures

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Transgender Surgeons

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Most women who are seeking out transgender breast implants have questions before they go through with the procedure. While it might seem as if a breast augmentation procedure would be the same for a transwoman as it would for a ciswoman, that’s not entirely true. There are a few things that are different and deserve to be touched upon.

The Procedure Itself:

Most transwomen are seeking the same thing that a ciswoman is, enlarged breasts that provide an increased feminine silhouette with cleavage. You can expect during the consultation with your surgeon to work with you to determine what type of implant will best suit their body naturally. This includes considerations about the size of breast wanted, size of chest wall, and any corrections that may be being done during surgery. You can choose from different types of implants whether silicone or saline and smooth or textured.

Incisions & Scarring:

The nipples may be smaller on a transwoman than they would be on a ciswoman, which means that the technique may need to be different. Ciswomen often have an incision done on the areola, while transwomen may require an incision in the crease of the breast. While this can be more noticeable, the breast will cover the small scar easily.

Now is the Best Time:

In years past, breast implant surgery was more painful and required a longer recovery time than it does now. There are specific pain medications that can be given at the time of surgery to lessen the pain for the first few days, which is often when the most pain is felt. This makes the recovery process easier than ever. You can expect to be feeling as good as new within a few weeks.

Existing Breasts:

Many transgender women who choose to have breast augmentation already have at least some breast tissue available. This is especially true if the woman has been on hormones for a long period of time. Hormones can help cause a decrease in body hair, increase in breast growth, and a chance to the way fat is distributed on the body. As such, with more breast tissue, it’s more likely that larger implants can be handled as the skin will have give to implant them.

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