BnB Tobacco Sells Gurkah Cigars

Gurkha makes the world’s most expensive cigar in the form of a special edition called “His Majesty’s Reserve.” In fact, people are willing to pay $15,000 for just one box, which features cigars with Dominican fillers and binders, an infusion of Louis VIII cognac (which is applied with a secret process) and a Connecticut shade wrapper.

Although BnB doesn’t carry “His Majesty’s Reserve,” we are happy to offer you a range of other Gurkah cigars. Here you will find cigars with South American, Caribbean, African and South Asian tobaccos. This unique blend gives each cigar its own special flavor, and means that no one smoking experience will be exactly like another. It is our pride and pleasure to offer our customers these excellent Gurkha cigars, and for a price that won’t break the bank.

Who Is BnB Tobacco?

BnB Tobacco is a family owned and operated company with deep roots in not only the tobacco industry but popular smoking culture. Like many of our clients, we have memories of friends and family that involve the familiar sight and rich scent of cigars, pipe tobacco and the flicker of lighter flames. In order to help preserve the best of those traditions, we do our best to connect enthusiasts with the best products on the market, and at the most competitive prices.

One way we stand a head above the rest is to offer big company selection and cost, but also small company personalization and attention. We might not move the volume of some of the bigger guys, and we’re glad, because it lets us concentrate on giving you the utmost in service at all times. From the minute you begin to browse our site to your most recent in a long line of orders, we will treat you like the special customer that you are.

Get in Touch Today!

Ordering Gurkha cigars or anything else with us is easy. Simply place your order on the site, and get in touch with customer service with any questions. Since we carry cigars, pipes, tobacco, wrappers and papers, hookahs, roll your own supplies, ashtrays, lighters, cigar cutter, humidors and more, you’re sure to find exactly what you want. Better yet, we have a fully trained staff who can help you make the best selection.

As fellow enthusiasts, we’re glad to have you as a visitor to BnB Tobacco, and hope to see you back often. Be sure to ask about special deals, free shipping and new arrivals!

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