Calling Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA to Handle an Emergency

Many plumbing issues like a leaking sink or a toilet that won’t flush will need to be fixed quickly, but they’re not usually an emergency. However, if a pipe bursts, a valve starts leaking or drains back up and the home starts to flood, it is considered and emergency and homeowners will need to call one of the emergency Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA for help right away.

Turn Off the Main Water Supply

As soon as any flooding is noticed shut off the water to that part of the home, if possible. Some sections of the home will have a valve that can be shut off so the whole home doesn’t need to be without water. If this isn’t available, shut off the water to the entire home. There should be a valve that can be turned off near the meter. This controls all of the water coming into the home, so once the pipes have emptied, the water will stop flooding the home.

Contact an Emergency Plumber

The next step is to contact an emergency plumber for help. The faster they’re called, the faster they can arrive and start fixing the issue. This will enable the homeowner to turn the water back on much faster so the whole home doesn’t need to be without water for long. The plumber will find the source of the flooding, then make sure it’s completely repaired. How this is done will depend on what caused the flooding as well as where the pipes are located.

Start Cleaning up the Water

While they’re waiting for the plumber to arrive, the homeowner can start cleaning up the water. A shop vac can help move large amounts of water outside of the house and towels are perfect for cleaning up small amounts of water. Any belongings that got wet should be dried as much as possible, then left in the sun to ensure they dry completely and to prevent mold growth.

If you have a plumbing emergency, follow these steps to get it taken care of immediately and to minimize the damage done by the flooding. Visit the website for emergency Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA now to learn more about the services they offer.

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