Can Custom Cable Assemblies Save OEMs Money?

No matter what type of product an OEM manufactures and sells, decreasing the cost of production is always a factor. At the same time, the OEM does not want to compromise quality, durability, or the length of the life cycle for the part, component, system, device, or piece of equipment.

There are several ways that an OEM can help to reduce the cost of production. These can include looking for lower cost materials, streamlining the fabrication process, and cutting costs on manufacturing by increasing the speed of production and lowering waste.

Installing assemblies, including custom cable assemblies, is one of the ways that the costs of manufacturing can be reduced. Working with a contract manufacturer with the ability to both custom design and to produce cable assemblies is an excellent example of outsourcing to save money.

Easy Installation of Assembly

By selecting custom cable assemblies, not only is the cable and the ends or connectors customized to meet the device, system, or component, but so is the design of the assembly itself.

To manufacturer the product, the cable assembly is simply dropped into place without the need to run individual wires and to manage all of the various cables. This is not only faster, but it also helps to avoid common mistakes.

Reducing Waste

Choosing custom cable assemblies from experienced manufacturers means there is no concern about the quality of the cables or the connections. As technicians install the assembly, there is less waste and loss due to wiring problems, errors, and damage to components in the process.

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