Cat X-rays in Barnegat, NJ Are Effective Diagnostic Tools

If your cat feels sick, he often cannot express himself directly, and therefore may suffer without your knowledge. That is why vets rely on X-rays to get at the source of their internal medical problems. Radiographic images are frequently used to verify a tumor, fracture, or internal bleeding in your cat.

Obtaining a Chest X-ray for Your Cat: When It Is Helpful

There are a number of cat X-rays in Barnegat, NJ that a vet uses to examine such areas as the teeth, abdomen, or chest. For instance, a chest X-ray, which is also called a thoracic radiograph, is used to survey respiratory difficulties. Diagnoses can be made with these X-rays for cats suffering from the following:

* Bronchitis
* Asthma
* A viral or bacterial infection, such as pneumonia
* A tumor

Chest cat X-rays are also used to identify and diagnose heart diseases or fractured ribs.

Dental X-rays

Besides reviewing the chest, vets also use X-rays to diagnose and treat dental conditions. A dental x-ray can confirm the health of the teeth and gums. Vets also use X-rays to identify whether a cat has problems with periodontal disease, cavities, or resorption.

Abdominal X-rays

Vets use abdominal cat X-rays to evaluate conditions associated with the tissues and organs inside the feline abdominal area. In these X-rays, the vet assesses organs such as the bladder and kidneys. These X-rays can be used to confirm the existence of kidney or bladder stones, or urethral obstructions.

Taking a Picture

When an X-ray is performed, an electromagnetic radiation device takes a picture. During the X-ray, every effort is taken to keep the cat motionless. Doing so will produce a clearer and more precise image. In some instances, a general anesthesia is used to ensure that the cat does not move.

If you want to know more about diagnostic services, visit online. You should set an appointment for a vet exam at least once a year.

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