Catering Done Right for Your Senior Living Facility

In the last few decades, the culture of senior living facilities has drastically changed. The residents of these communities expect a wider range of services and expect them to be high-quality. This has led to a change in how these facilities are managed to a more person-centered set of services. One of the biggest changes is in food preference. Outsourcing your meal planning to an experienced company can often be a way to cut costs and ensure your residents experience the level of care they desire.

The Facts

There are numerous resident satisfaction surveys that show senior residents of living facilities appreciate innovative dining options and it can increase their contentment with their living situation as a whole. One study carried out by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality notes that activities and meals are the focus of many residents and the quality of the food has a huge impact on satisfaction with the facility.

Choosing a Food Service Company

If you are looking into new ways to provide satisfaction to your residents via meals, you need to know that many residents appreciate the option of food services that deliver to the residents. This may allow the residents to eat more diverse foods that they appreciate. Some local meal service companies offer regional specialties that are made healthy and tasty. An example would be a service offering tapas de empanadas for residents in Newark, NJ.

Outsourcing Toward Innovation

Management at living facilities are in a unique position where outsourcing meals can help bridge the divide caused by cultural changes in these facilities. Whether you run a residential care community, senior care residence, or independent living resident, outsourcing is an option that can serve as viable strategy for improvement in many areas.

The Right Food Service

When choosing an outsourced meal provider, you will want to look at the services they have available. Do they have foods that residents will enjoy? Are there plenty of options so the menu never gets boring? Of course, outsourcing this part of the work can be helpful for everyone. It gives staff more time spend on other important tasks that may not have been available before.

Tapes de Empanadas in Newark, NJ

While you consider your options for food service, make sure to take a look at Chef Select 361. We offer fresh meals that are both healthy and appetizing, many with natural ingredients and zero preservatives.

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