Choosing Performance Polo Shirts

If you’re in charge of outfitting your company in apparel, it’s likely that employees have begun to request performance fabrics in their polo shirts. Performance fabrics have become far more popular than traditional cotton or cotton blend shirts, particularly for outdoor events.

Shirts like Under Armour performance polos are designed for athletic activities because the fabric and design allow sweat to evaporate easily rather than stick to the body. However, because these shirts are also so durable and comfortable, many people choose them for casual wear, as well.

Performance polo shirts are the perfect choice for golf events and other activities that your company supports. However, these are also a great choice for regular employee apparel, because of their popularity. You’ll find a wide range of styles and colors, too.

Under Armour performance polos and other performance shirts can be more expensive than traditional cotton or cotton blend polos. If you’re choosing these for corporate apparel, work with your vendor, and allow ample time for ordering.

By working with your vendor to procure the shirts, you have a better chance of getting bulk pricing to make the purchase more affordable. Plan your purchase carefully, considering not only the number of shirts you need right now but how many you might need over the next several months since the price is generally better when you buy a larger quantity.

For extra effect, consider having your logo embroidered on the Under Armour performance polos. This ensures your shirts are providing a marketing benefit for your company as well as a benefit to your employees.

Performance polos are definitely a hot trend in today’s fashion. You can be certain your employees will be thrilled with you if you choose Under Armour performance polos for your next company sporting event or employee apparel purchase.

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