Choosing the Right Masonry Contractor in Nassau County NY

Homeowners who are thinking of incorporating some masonry into their landscapes would do well to pay close attention when making inquiries about masons. As in many lines of work, the skills and expertise will vary from one Masonry Contractor in Nassau County NY to another. Here are some things to keep in mind that will make it easier to find the right contractor.

Verify Credentials: There are several types of credentials that the ideal Masonry Contractor in Nassau County NY will possess. Along with an up to date business license, the professional will also have certification through the Mason Contractors Association. Since the Association has very detailed criteria for membership, focusing on professionals with that certification will go a long way in affirming the skill levels of a particular contractor. Don’t forget to ask about the scope of the business liability coverage carried by any contractor under consideration. The coverage should offer adequate protection based on the scope of the job, up to and including any injuries that occur while the work is in progress.

The Experience of the Contractor: It is also important to make sure the contractor has plenty of experience with the type of medium desired for the project. As in many professionals, some masons do specialize in working with specific mediums like brick, concrete, stone, or terra cotta.

The goal is to focus on professionals who have a lot of experience with the type of medium that the customer has in mind. Professionals like those at Libardi Island Landscaping will often have portfolios that spotlight their past work. Along with getting a general feel for the quality of that work, the prospective customer can also have the chance to see projects completed using the medium or combination of mediums they have in mind. Looking over the results of past projects will often be enough to identify the right mason for the job. Once the right person for the project is chosen, focus more on factors like any prep work that the mason wants done prior to the scheduled start date. Always make payment arrangements in advance, so there is no question of how much is due before, during, and after the completion of the project. Taking care of these details will help everything to progress without a hitch.

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