Clever Tips to Add Space to Your NY Furnished Rental

The great thing about getting a NY furnished rental is how easy it is to settle in and make yourself at home. There’s minimal packing, no heavy items to lug up stairs and almost nothing to do aside from unpacking clothes and food. Despite this, some of us move a lot of stuff anyway. We pack books, blankets, personal items and more, only to find that there’s no place to put it when we’re setting up our new home. Given that space is a commodity in the city, it can be difficult to make room for everything, especially when changing furniture is out of the question. The good news is that even in the tiniest place, there are things you can do to add more space.

In the Living Room

If there aren’t already tables, consider adding pieces that double as storage. End tables, coffee tables and ottomans are small, easily portable and readily available. Newer styles often come with hinged or removable tops that provide convenient places to stash books, blankets and magazines. Depending on the leg style of the sofa, you may also be able to use lifts to raise the level of the sofa a bit to allow room for a bin, games, crafts or office supplies. Adding a slipcover will stylishly disguise your stash.

In the Bedroom/ Bathroom

Beds can be lifted up with risers or stilts to allow space for storage bins. Canvas bins can be added anywhere and work well to hide toys, linens and more. For the bathroom, rolling bins are helpful. They can hold cosmetics and additional personal items, which can then be wheeled into a closet or bedroom when not in use to help keep main areas looking tidy. Cleaning supplies can be stowed in a handled bin, so they stay organized and can be easily carried from room to room.

Closets can also benefit from mini-makeovers. Simply adding space-saving hangers that layer items vertically or using specially designed bags that can be reduced by removing the air will create extra room.

In the Kitchen/ Dining Room

Removable adhesive hooks can often be added to the underside of cabinets to hold mugs or pots and pans. This provides extra cabinet space for food and other items that aren’t as nice to look at. If the kitchen is a half-kitchen or is just small, numerous storage devices can be added to the inside of cabinet and pantry doors to hold more. Whenever possible, take advantage of vertical space. Utilize the tops of cabinets and affix items to the underside of shelves.

Living in a NY furnished rental is the ideal choice for many people. With a little ingenuity, it can work beautifully for those of us who like to bring along extra items too.

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